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Why Amanda Wins Survivor Philippines Palau?

Survivor Philippines Palau final results was rigged and a cheat. That is my first impression when I finally learn that Amanda became the sole survivor for Survivor Philippines Season 2 over Justine Ferrer. I said in an article, "Justine Ferrer Wins Survivor Philippines," that based on the current situation she will win unanimously but it seems there are game changers that occurred which led to the final vote of 4-3 in favor of Amanda.

What are these game changers in Survivor Philippines Palau?

First, Justine's unnecessary tantrum and reaction the night before the second to the last tribal council. The shocking character which she unleashed during that time was a simple shocker to everyone including to his fellow castaways. She even try to use the parents of Amanda. I believe that it was brought about by Justine's eagerness to win plus the pressure, hunger and other elements that had at that time rushed into her. She trusted Jeff so much that in the end she can't believe that Jeff and Amanda would connive. This is the swing vote for Shaun who at first really opted to vote for Justine.

Second, the drama and sympathy scheme of Mika and Amanda. During the final tribal council Mika played the game once again and make everyone sympathetic to the cause of Amanda and the reason why she wanted to win. Her chicken farm and want-to-help reason was perhaps what made Tara and Suzuki change their vote from Justine to Amanda. They voted because they feel sympathy towards Amanda.

Third, is the way Amanda make Justine appear as a user. She said that all the money she spends and all the things she had comes from her hardword against Justine who just used other people in order to gain what he want. In reality this might be true but it depends on how Justine uses people. Is it just for money or is it part of "love"? We never know.

In the end Justine has the edge but Mika as dangerous as she is and as brilliant as she is succeeded in laying out the final touches of their plan and eventually claim victory for Amanda.

For me Justine deserves to be the sole survivor but she had been outmaneuvered by the schemes of Mika and Amanda... and for Suzuki, Tara and Shaun they were fooled once again.

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