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Justine Ferrer Wins Survivor Philippines

(Original article posted Oct. 30, 2009 updated Nov. 11, 2009)

The sage and quest of Justine Ferrer continues as Charles becomes the latest castaway to be voted out in Survivor Philippines on November 11,  The tribal council had been one of the most intense and emotional (see The Emotional Tribal Council of Survivor Philippines Palau ).  I am still confident of what I told everyone three weeks ago that Justin Ferrer is the winner of Survivor Philippines Palau.  It was a classic saga as one after the other each contender is voted out.  It started with Shaun, then Amanda and now Charles.

This also proved the previous so called "teaser" to be false and a premature guess on who will win. The alliance was broken and now will Jef and Amanda become allies against Justine? Another rumor and "teaser" is spreading that it was Jeff Gaitan who will be the winner of Survivor Season 2.  Truth or fact?

I would also predict that if things will work out fine it would be Charles and Justine who will be in the top 2 post with Justine eventually being voted by the jury and text votes.

Here is some wild prediction on the order of who will be voted out:

1. Mika (voted out November 6, 2009)
2. Amanda
3. Jeff
4. Charles (voted out November 11, 2009)
5. Justine

Above is the prediction based on the current situation. THe only wild card if ever is whether Amanda or Mika will win immunity and of course there can be twists again.

On other things, Marlon's guesting on Survivor was awesome. In fact this visit was what made Jeff realize to get over her "poor me" attitude which was the "name" given to her by Marvin.

Still on more rumors, it is said that Tara is pregnant. Really? Well she seem a little fat during todays tribal council. Who is the culprit if ever that is true? Suzuki? For sure not.

The Live Finale and Reunion Special of SP2 will be on November 13, Friday. GMA will allot 300 limited slots for Survivor fans to witness this historic event. Please come at the GMA Studio 7 Entrance gate, on Nov. 13, at 6pm. It will be on a first come, first served basis. Fans are encouraged to wear their favorite Survivor Philippines T-shirt.

So watch out and let's see what happens next. Every episode is really heart pounding. Two more days to go!

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