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Obama's Health Care Plan Advances as Blue Dogs Agrees

An agreement was finally made in Congress as top Democrats quelled a rebellion by party lawmakers over the proposed Obama Health Care Plan. The measure also recently gained the much needed momentum in both the House and the Senate. In the Senate, Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus said his effort to reach a bipartisan accord will be boosted by new estimates lowering the cost of the plan.

Before the deal was agreed upon many are seeing Obama's Health Care Plan as too socialist in the sense that it sees everyone as equal and it puts too much power in the government and less on the choices made by Americans.

Plans emerging in each chamber require that all Americans get health insurance and embrace the idea of nonprofit cooperatives to help achieve that goal. Senate negotiators are leaning against requiring employers to offer coverage or pay a penalty, and the new House agreement scales back a previous mandate so only the biggest businesses face fees.

Both proposals will cost less than $1 trillion after more savings are found in the system, according to lawmakers.

The legislators also moved closer on an issue that has held up talks: the creation of a government-run insurance program to compete with private companies such as Minnetonka, Minnesota- based UnitedHealth Group Inc.

While the Senate Finance Committee may drop the idea, the latest House deal scales it back, requiring that a “public option” negotiate rates with providers instead of pegging them to Medicare, the U.S. program for the elderly. President Barack Obama has said he favors a public option.

But it is not over yet. It seems the new deal had a new opponent from Democrats once more. Those that are previously supportive of the health care plan laments that House leaders have up too much to the Blue Dog Coalition. Representative Lynn Woolsey of California who heads the 83-member House Progressive Caucus says they won't vote for a weakened bill.

When asked 41 percent of Americans approve of Obama's handling of his health care plan as against 46 percent who don not. The survey is conducted from July 24 to July 27 with 1,011 respondents. people says t

So is the bill up for vote and passage? Well it seems it is still a long way according to Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi, a Republican working with Baucus. He said they are nowhere near a deal.

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