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Iraquis Rejoices as US Troops Begin Pullout in Iraq

Finally it was apparent. The troops of the United States of America stationed in the once war torn cities and urban areas of Iraq are now beginning its final pullout. Thousands of Iraqis celebrate the pullout as policemen decorate their vehicles alongside the rejoicing of the people. It was indeed a grandeur celebration of victory and freedom for the people of Iraq. However, as they celebrate the uncertain still haunts the nation...

Among the many uncertainty is the future of Kirkuk which is very rich in black gold. Just on June 24 the autonomous Kurdish region approved its Constitution which lays claim to Kirkuk. The problem is this had been a disputed territory because the area is also being claimed by the Arab and Turkmen. The Turkmen have historical claim to the area while Arabs and Christians are the main residents. Kurds hld major position and has edge if every a war will broke out since they seem to have control of the security force stationed in Kirkuk.

Another fear is with regards to the still unresoled issues of suicide bombings in Iraq which is still rampaging the nation. It seems to be a culture that had integrated in the country. Just last week about 3 suicide bombings or even more had occurred in the country.

Another lingering question is, "Is Iraq finally ready for democracy and less US force?" and "Can they hold themselves together? for how long?". These questions are still vague until of course the forces are withdrawn and hey are finally left for themselves. Iraq had been under a bitter and one-man rule of Saddam Hussein and now they are totally under a new and untested democratic structure.

United States President Barack Obama is making his campaign promise fulfilled through these toop withdrawals and making Iraq finally a true independent nation. Can Iraqis handle it? Let's wait, hope and see...

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