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Updates on the National Youth Assembly: Cabinet in Place and Work Begins

Here is our latest update as of June 29, 2009 from ECO Singapore on the ongoing Inaugural National Youth Assembly in Singapore.

What Happened?

During the Meeting on the 27th of June, the Future Empowerment Party (FEP)'s Government setup 6 specific committees to allow for large scale research and consideration to be put into addressing each theme. The FEP has informed the Chief Minister's Office that each committee will propose a bill on each of the 6 themes. If one thing is certain for the Assembly Sessions on the 1st and 2nd of August, it is that there will be no shortage of material for our MYA's to debate on, the only question is - should they focus on a few select pieces rather than a massive influx of proposals?

What's Happening?

Over the week, the Government and the opposition, the Singapore Green Front (SGF) setups will be preparing draft proposals and potential bills to pass through Assembly. It will be a progressive phase with constant interaction with the Chief Minister's Office, therefore allowing for constant critique and constructive discussion prior to the dates in August. The MYA's are also setting up their Facebook Groups and Blogs to showcase their thoughts on bills, party manifesto's as well as to gather feedback from the Public. This is where YOU come in! The NYA Team will provide all the relevant links as soon as they are available so that you can start commenting and contributing in their bid to achieve sustainable development.

What's Up Next Week?

The Chairman will be meeting with representatives from the FEP and the SGF to discuss their progress and more importantly to hammer out deals regarding their bills and proposals. The two sides have had minimal to no contact with each other and we will see if that will drastically change over the weeks leading up to the Assembly Sessions. It will be interesting to see how the Opposition responds - Will it take a similar approach to the Government by addressing all the themes or focus specifically on the one or two themes that they had previously indicated interest in?

Remember to check in with us Next Monday to find out!

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