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GREEN TUESDAY: Still a Long Way for WCYF 2009

September is nearly at a close and the organizers of the World Creative Youth Forum (WCYF) 2009 says that there's still a long way to go in order to realize this event in May 2009 at Baliuag, Bulacan. "As of now we only have $10,000 in support coming from UNESCO- Jakarta Cluster and we need about $60,000 to $100,000 to make this event a reality," says David D'Angelo the Co-Chairperson of the Executive Committee for the event. Andy Moran, Head of Marketing plans to engage various corporations and entice them to support this international environmental event which focuses on the youth. Just recently Team RP which is organizing I Am Change 2010 in the Philippines had agreed to partner for the event.

Prince Frederick Von Saxe-Lauenberg, Founder President of Children of the World 2000 conceptualized the event early 2007 but the road into realizing a major event like this sure was not easy. The set of Executive Committee members and organizers have changed faces but familiar faces to WCYF remained steadfast. Advocates like Sammy Jacobs Abbey, Director, International Centre for Conflict & Human Rights Analysis; Imoh Colins, Executive Director, Centre for Human Developemnt and Human Transformation (CHDST); Bukola Ilemobola Akosile, Program Officer, West Africa Network for Peace building (WANEP-Nigeria); and Dr. Nina Meyerhof, President, Children of the Earth UN-NGO had constantly believed that this will be a great opportunity for the youth worldwide to make a difference for the Earth.

Organizations in the Philippines are now gearing up and supporting WCYF 2009. These organizations includes Generation Peace Network (GenPeace), United Nations Youth Association of the Philippines (UNYAP), Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD) and Team RP. Other organizations like WOW Philippines Foundation, Jaycees International, Rotary Club of the Philippines, Civil Society Counterpart Council for Sustainable Development (CSCCSD), Partido Kalikasan, and the Philippine Federation for Environmental Concern (PFEC) have shown interest in the event.

WCYF 2009 is Education for Sustainable Development with the following sub themes:

Peace and Human Rights –linkages between respect for human rights and peaceful coexistence: highlighting human rights education, non-violence and peace education, dignity of the human person linking all to human security and sustainable development-how to achieve this through advocacy, building alliances and others..

Climate Change - promote awareness and instill action towards supporting ways to lessen the effects and causes of climate change.

Sustainable Lifestyle - promote how important is individual action in sustainable development and how our actions affects others and the world.

Entrepreneurship - creating jobs by utilizing one's own capabilities and potential

Education and Technology - integrating Technology in teaching as powerful tool in creating learning bridges

Advocacy for Sustainable Development - building skills and knowledge on how to effectively influence and/or enforce policies to reflect genuine sustainable development.

The organizers hope that with the help of various sponsors and partners this event will be realized and a network/structure similar to the World Economic Forum will be formed and have a permanent residence in the Philippines.

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