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The New Look of the Newz

Welcome to the newly dressed Newz Around Us! After being a finalist of the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards and contemplating on the development of this blog I have decided to give it a new look and new template. I am looking at improving the loading time and making it truly a news blog site. Newz Around Us will try to give you the latest news not only through the postings but by providing various RSS Feeds featured directly in this website. Less of the not that needed content and more of the content that you will benefit from. So what's cooking beside that?

I am thinking of focusing each day on a particular topic though I know that it will require dedication on my part if I decided on that. 7 days a week means 7 topics a week on different genre. Another idea is to give the site a limited focus or take on the news perhaps a focus on environment, politics and technology. Am still thinking on how to improve this blog and making a choice between the two.

If the daily post focus will be decided I am thinking of the following: Entertainment Monday, Green Tuesday, Politically Wednesday, Youthful Thursday, Tech Guide Its Friday, Advocacy Saturday and Relaxing Sunday. Sounds cool to me but I don't know if that will be cool to you as well.

Maintaining a news blog is not that easy because you have to keep it updated and maintain it fairly active. This is perhaps one of the downside I have right now. With many things going on personally and with my organization sometimes I forget to update the blog. But anyway, I hope you enjoy the new look and please do help me and throw in some ideas and suggestions to make Newz Around Us better.

Thanks to all those who are visiting the site!