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The Endless Violence Around the World, Who's to Blame?

Just recently a car bomb exploded in a United States Embassy and yet in another news young children were the vicim of a bombing assault in Southern Philippines and yet in another young men, women and children are caught in the crossfire in Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems that the world cannot do away with violence and that violence is an integral part of humanity. Religions or at least most of them says that humans by nature is peaceful and loving. But most of the time I doubt that because if you based it from the obvious, human nature might be full of greed, anger, envy and violence.

I am wondering how a human being who had killed another human being could afford to sleep comfortably or could even afford talking of how he had killed his fellow human being? How does it feel to kill? What satisfaction could that bring to a person?

When you will look into the history and revelations of the well known serial killers they often say that killing someone is the most satisfying and fulfilling act to do. You watch Hostel and you will get a glimpse of the personification of that belief. But the thing is, killing is the most hideos and unhuman act to do in the realms of morality and natural law yet it is the most human act to do in the realms of human nature.

Most contestants in beauty contests when ask about what would be their dream for the world they would certainly answer out louad and say,. "That would be WORLD PEACE." The dream of a world at peace seems to be very elusive and it is safe to say that it may even be unattainable. But who is to blame for all that is happening? Is it the media? the United States? Terrorists? Religion? Race?

Who is to blame? Come on Shen tell us....!!!!

It is us who are to blame. We the collective citizens of this Earth are to blame for what is happening in our world. If we will not change and become unhumans. We should go beyond the basic human nature and embrace love and affection for our fellow men and see them as our co-equal and co-citizen of this Earth. By then we can say that world peace may finally be at hand.