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A Prediction of the End of Days or Doomsday on December 2012

During my lifetime since I was in Elementary the prediction of the End of the World had been repeated many times. Back in 8-8-88 or August 8, 1988 there was a prediction that there will be a three days of darkness and doomsday but none of that happened. Before the year 2000 which was called the Millennium there was also a doomsday prediction but it did not happen.

Now there is another prediction and theory which is shown in various uploaded videos in YouTube wherein a prediction that the current age in which we are in will end on December 2012. This was predicted by the Mayan, Inca, Aztec, and Egyptian civilization. In 2012 it is said that we will pass through the Galactic Equinox and major repercussions will occur. Below are a series of video regarding this.. and you be the judge.

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