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The Democratic Contest Favors McCain

Barrack Obama looses the Pennsylvania primary to rival Hilary Clinton. As this develops we are assured of a longer and fierce battle among the two. We might see more dirts thrown on each other. Each calling one another unfit to lead the country. More damaging among the two techniques was that of Hilary Clinton however. Her accusations on Obama seems to have serious repercussions against him if he indeed becomes the Democrat nominee.

Who will be favored by a damage candidate among the two candidates? That would of course be the Republican nominee in waiting John McCain. McCain now focuses in unifying the Republicans as well as preparing for the general elections in November while the two is still in the mud pool.

I highly recommend and suggest that either one of them step aside and let the other become the nominee before they destroy each other. Considering all the current data and statistics Hilary Clinton should be the one to drop out of the race and instead support Barrack Obama and heal the wound that Clinton created in the first place.

Hilary Clinton should become a true Democrat and concentrate on how to begin a campaign to reclaim the presidency and seat a Democrat in the White House.

Let the course of history takes it shape.