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Communism is Ideal for China

Could you imagine 1.3 billion people living in democracy? I remember playing the game civilization wherein if you don't have the absolute resources and hundreds of billions to spend on people you cannot afford a democratic government wherein there are varying needs and rants that needs to be addressed. 1.3 billion people means 1.3 billion different aspirations, personal ambitions and views. A scenario which could be very costly in a democratic government.

Communism assures that the general welfare of the state is protected and the needs of the citizens are addressed without actually adhering to every sectors demand at the same time. Competing needs and personal ambitions are checked by the state where otherwise it could lead to disaster and instability.

I am not a fan of Chinese Communism for I believe that it is not the real communism in its concept. I am in favor of real democracy which is in fact a blend of communism and socialism. Democracy puts port collective effort and welfare of the people and the society above all else. It is thinking not only as regards yourself or your own sector but thinking for the benefit of everyone.

Imagine if there would be free press in china and the rights that most democratic nations do enjoy... a hungry politician bagging for power could easily create chaos and instability. Now imagine what proportion could politicians like this exist in a population of 1.3 billion? Ambition destroys democracy and the general welfare... that is why I say for China... Communism is very ideal.

However, I would like to condone what China is doing against Tibet and its monks. I do not think that it is the ideology of communism to hurt people and threat them as animals. I also urge the monks to respect the authority of the government and respect its belief as long as that government adheres to its supreme duty of protecting the general welfare.