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Queen Rania on YouTube and On PeaceTech

Queen Rania endorsed and congratulate PeaceTech on its first ever video conference uniting youth across the Philippines last July to December 2006. PeaceTech is the first ever video conference which tries to unite the youth across their differences. In a world divided by war and various forms of indifference the importance of reaching out is very important. On July 2008, it will be PeaceTech’s first year to unite youth across borders.

PeaceTech’s international program unites the youth of Indonesia with the youth of the Philippines. Their aim is to build understanding between Muslim and non-Muslim youth about Islam, Christianity and their respective cultures. By doing so, PeaceTech tackles ignorance, clarifies misperceptions, challenges prejudice and builds trust. The program is seen as a model for programs uniting Muslim and non-Muslim states.

The international program consists of the following components:
  1. Videoconference Events;
  2. Workshops;
  3. The PeaceTech On-line Community; and
  4. PeaceTech Embassy
Videoconference Events

PeaceTech Videoconference 7 and 8 will unite Muslim and non-Muslim participants in Indonesia and the Philippines.

PeaceTech videoconferences will happen in the following cities:
  • Makassar, Indonesia and Davao City, Philippines; and
  • Jakarta, Indonesia and Manila, Philippines.
Objectives are the following:
  1. To understand the extent of the problem in Muslim/non-Muslim relations;
  2. To understand the effects of discrimination towards Muslims, Christians and other religious groups;
  3. To understand how Islam and Christianity are religions of peace;
  4. To achieve greater solidarity between Muslim and non-Muslim youth; and
  5. To showcase the Indonesian-Filipino videoconferences as a model for dialogues between Muslim and non-Muslim states.
The videoconferences will include the following:

1. Relations between Muslims and Non-Muslims in Indonesia, the Philippines and around the world;
2. Causes of tensions: Ignorance; Self-interest; Politics;
3. Perceptions about Indonesians and Filipinos;
4. Perceptions about Muslims and Christians;
5. Costs of prejudice; and
6. Building a culture of peace:
* Islam and Christianity are religions of peace?
* How to build understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims in ASEAN
* How to build understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims around the world
7. Petitions for ASEAN and the Organization of the Islamic Conference

Check out more at to know how to participate.