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Coincidental or God's will?

It was since last Saturday evening that I've been wondering about this and kept on hanging on my head regarding my question; I'm here in this world coincidental or God's will? Or is it happen to be a previous discussion between me and "the mighty Creator" before actually I was delivered to the world and then is it based on my own decision which maybe I was said I want to have a skinny body, dark brown skin, black hair which gradually fell of when I am above 30 y.o, Asian ethnic and more specific Indonesian? If so then I must be a little bit stupid to choose to be born as I am now instead of born to be a Brad Pitt or Beckham lol…

If these are purely God's will, then why in these world many peoples think and dare to rise up their fingers and appointing to other mentioning that they're not right!! They're not blessed, sinner, will be burn in hell and so on why can we just accept and realize that we are a creations not creator and that's make us has no right to judge others and I do believe that we are not here to pleased other creations but to please the almighty!!

When will we agree that human being are equal, only some are a bit luckier than other so they can posses more belongings wealth, but that's all, human value are not what we have is what we give so no matter if you are black, white, yellow, with black, brown, green or blue eyes, rich, poor, male, female, young, old, married, single, trans gender, straight, homo sex, lesbian or heterosexual, just be yourself and as much as you possibly can do something good for other at least 1 each day and the positive waves will fill the air of the world and hates will disappear.

Aside from what I am asking at the beginning; this is coincidental or God's will, I know that I've been created with purpose, not for nothing!! And the journey to find it is endless!!

lets make the world a peaceful place for everyone.