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Tips in Avoiding Shark Attacks

The changing environment is bringing psychological changes to animals and species living in the planet. One of the species which seems to be affected by the climate change and changing environment are sharks. In 2007 alone unprovoked shark attacks have increased dramatically.

This change in behavior could be attributed to many things but one of the most common change being felt worldwide is the change in temperature causing an adaptation among sharks and change in their behavior as well. How can we avoid shark attacks?

Well here is what Trip The Lady : The Ultimate Travel Information Source has to say...

20 Ways to Avoid Shark Attacks from the Discovery Channel
  1. Steer clear of dolphins and sea birds. They may not only attract sharks but also often seek the same prey.
  2. Skip swimming after heavy rains, which may move some freshwater fish, including sharks, into areas they would not otherwise frequent.
  3. Sharks sometimes get stuck in small bays and lagoons during low tide, so be careful when swimming in such areas during these times.
  4. Avoid diving from boats but, if you must, refrain from doing so at night and be sure to carefully scan the surrounding water beforehand.
  5. Some sharks are very small and resemble tropical fish. Avoid touching fish around you, as you could find your hand in a tiny, yet well-toothed, mouth.
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