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Entrecard and Those Which Just Use it to Advertise ... SHAME ON YOU!

In every system there are those which will definitely abuse the system and just use it for personal reason. Every time that I drop my card on other entrecard members it gives me a sense of knowledge and feeling knowing that there are lots and lots of great bloggers out there. However, what bothers me are those which only uses Entrecard to advertise. They do drop cards but you can't drop on them and you can't advertise on them and for me that was unfair and I took it upon myself to get a note on them because for me they are the SHAME of Entrecard.

I respect the right of Entrecard members to reject advertisements on their blog but I think it is a shame not to display the Entrecard widget on a member's blog. Why would you sign up in the first place if in return you will not even be a proud part of the community.

Entrecard provides great opportunity for everyone.. for their blog to get known... to meet new bloggers and to have more information about many things. It is indeed a great invention and I personally congratulate the creator of this community.

So I will be on the watch... and if you do have noticed members like this please also send me a comment.