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The World Should Not Fail Burma... Free Burma Now! End The Opression!

The world is watching but it seems that despite the actions of the citizens of the world most of the countries in the world just speak out and give plain words and not put action into what they are saying. Just recently Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo went to China and as I know she doesn't even talk about the situation in Burma, well whu would she talk about it after all the country needs China's investment and China also needs it. This is also the reason why China is adamant about commenting in Burma because they will lost vital intetests in the country.

But should we fail the people of Burma who is suffering from a regime which have no right to be called a government? Will the world fail the people of Burma? If only the U.N. could act as one and demand that human rights be respected in the country and that a more democratic government be setup then that is the time that we can say the the United Nations worth is really being accomplished... until then I wonder whether the U.N. is slowly loosing its usefullness.

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The UN envoy was allowed to meet with Suu Kyi but the top 2 military junta leaders snobbed him. Is this how the United Nations should be treated? I wonder how the UN and the world can just take this while we let Iraq and Afghanistan be sieged by the United States. I am not totally advocating democracy for all countries in the world for as I know various forms of government suit different situations but the fact that Myanmar's leaders is totally becoming a bully to their people.. that is really absurd for others to just wait and not do something.

I also find it pathetic that the pope told its religious like nuns, priests and others not to participate in the uprising in Burma where in fact it is the church teaching to respect people and uphold moral dignity. There are times when we need to rise up and change a government when it becomes imminent that they are deaf towards way of peace... when we realize that the welfare of all is at stake and that it is no longer good for the people.

Lyrics translation:

Until this world ends,
our spilled blood stands testimony to our revoultion.
Our heroes, you who have died in a fight for Democracy,
yours is a country where martyrs live.

We should help in every way we can to advocate for change in Burma... the suffering of their people should be a driving force for us to fight alongside them.


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