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"The Daily Show" at Comedy Central Depicts Cory a Slut!

That was terrible indeed. Now we ask how does this writers sees us? It seems that they are making a mockery of us Filipinos... without a respect for even a former President of the country. The channel should be stripped out of the Philippine television airs and send back to the filth where it belongs. It is just not write for people to insult other just because they are generating ratings and fun out of it. The satire of this show has gone far far over the board.

Although if we will view the whole video the "slut" tag had been shown for just a couple of seconds and it for some if may not be that harsh but still it invokes something that should not have been shown. The other tags on the three other women presidents was less derogatory and indirect as against that of Aquino.

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago said Friday she will ask the Department of Foreign Affairs to send a note verbale against the US television show “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" which used a disparaging photograph of former President Corazon Aquino with the word “Slut" on it.

Gabriela, a women rights activist on the other hand stated, "“Sa palagay ko kahit na sinong babae na masabihan noon ay isang hindi lamang simpleng affront. Violation siya, isang malaking pagtampalasan doon sa pagkatao (I think any woman who would be called in that way would not dismiss it as a simple affront but a violation, a big dishonor to her humanity)"

“The Daily Show" is a Peabody and Emmy Award-winning American satirical television program produced by and airing on Comedy Central.

In the said five-minute segment titled, “Is America Ready for a Woman President?" a cut-out photograph of Aquino with the word “Slut!" and three tiny hearts written on it was shown as correspondent Samantha Bee delivers the line, “Corazon Aquino faced down dictators…"