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Bush Defends US Interrogation Methods

The United States methods of interrogating supposed terrorists had been questioned by different people. This questioning came to its highest at the onset of the Abu Gharib Prison in Iraq where prisoners are himiliated, abused physically, tortured among others. Investigation and inquiries had been conducted by the U.S. Congress and some persons had been charged of guilt for this inhuman punishments and interrogation tactics.

Last Friday, U.S. President George W. Bush even defended the ways by which the United States handle terror suspects ouside of it's country but made no reference whatsoever if there were torture being made to them.

"When we find somebody who may have information regarding a potential attack on America, you bet we're going to detain them, and you bet we're going to question them," he said during a hastily called Oval Office appearance. "The American people expect us to find out information, actionable intelligence so we can help protect them. That's our job." Bush said.

"We stick to U.S. law and international obligations," Bush said, without taking questions after a brief picture-taking session.

Speaking emphatically, the president noted that "highly trained professionals" conduct any questioning. "And by the way," he said, "we have gotten information from these high-value detainees that have helped protect you."

"The American people expect their government to take action to protect them from further attack," Bush said. "And that's exactly what this government is doing. And that's exactly what we'll continue to do."

He also said the techniques used by the United States "have been fully disclosed to appropriate members of the United States Congress" — an indirect slap at the torrent of criticism that has flowed from the Democratic-controlled Congress since the disclosure of the memos.

However, we cannot deny the fact that we do not know what really happens beyond those prison cells and who knows what method they use.

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