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Erap did not vote for Binay as Vice President

(photo source:

A revealing photo taken by media catches a glimpse of the ballot of presidentiable Joseph "Erap" Estrada. It is indeed strange that he did not vote for a Vice President.

See for yourself and look closely at the photo. Is it true that Erap did not vote for Binay?

View the Youtube video "Erap Junks Binay" below...

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Jamie said...

It's none of our business. One's vote should be CONFIDENTIAL, hence, the SECRECY folder.
Oh, why am I not surprised that ABS CBN was the one who took this footage? I'm not pro-Erap but I respect the man's privacy.

Shen said...

I know and it is sad but this also reveals how Joseph Estrada thinks... indeed he is someone that thinks very differently. Baka nagtampo ito kay Binay dahil di napasama si Erap sa endorsement ni Chiz.

Raffy said...

Why are you singling out ABS-CBN? Did you not notice that there were a lot of press people also taking pictures of Erap. It just means that Erap was showing his ballot for the whole world to see. He even posed for the cameras before he inserted the ballot in the PCOS.

David D'Angelo said...

... and now he is telling everyone that he voted for Binay... hmmm... did we just missed the shade?