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Survey Analyzed Time of the Voting Process Via the PCOS

A survey was posted online courtesy of the blog "Street Strategist." The survey seeks to find out the time it takes for the PCOS to process 1,000 voters in a precinct.

The post was entitled "The Time of Voting: Actual Throughput of the Voting Process Via the PCOS Scanning Count" The said survey was taken 10 am to 11 am Monday May 10, 2010 from one school. The survey says that although it is only taken from one school the experience nationwide should be similar to these figures taken for 19 clusters.

The survey found out that the fastest time it takes the PCOS to process a ballot it 0.786 minute while the slowest is 1.86 minutes. The average time for the school was about 1.11 voters per minute.

By considering that each precinct has a maximum of 1,000 voters therefore the time it will take for every voter to cast their vote using the findings was 13.1 hours while the slowest time would process all of the 1,000 voters in 31.1 hours.

The report was based on 100% of the clusters of Mabolo Elementary School (Cebu City) from 10:04 am to 10:47 am Monday May 10 2010.

For the full details of this survey and report please click here and visit the "Street Strategist"

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