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News Updates on the Philippine Elections 2010 - May 10, 2010 6:10pm

Philippine Elections 2010, the first automated elections in the Philippines is ongoing.  Voters are flocking to their designated precincts and are lining up to cast their votes.

The COMELEC also released its precinct-finding hotlines: 5270841, 5272773, 5272772, 5270822, 5267769, 5267770

For a list of election related violence as verified by the PNP CLICK HERE.

A twitter user janchavezarceo retweets an advise to voters, "Those who WILL NOT be able to cast their votes by 7PM tonight to stay within polling places & be as nearest your precincts.DO NOT LEAVE."

6:18pm - Daniel Joseph Castro FB: "Situation In San Pedro, Laguna: Polls were peaceful in general. There were lots of voters in que early in the morning but subsided in the afternoon. Lots of supporters of candidates were giving flyers. There was unconfirmed report from my sister that the ballot of our pastor was rejected by the PCOS machine. If that was true, too sad."

5:30 - MALABON: With less than two hours before polls close, only 2,418 out of 4,034 registered voters have voted in Potrero Elementary School. (Dano Tingcungco via GMANews.TV Facebook)

MANDALUYONG CITY: A PCOS machine at the Neptali Gonzales High School becomes "selective" and rejects almost half of the 400 ballots so far fed to the PCOS unit in one of the clustered precincts. (Mark Merueñas)

5:00pm - Shidoni via twitter: "Shocking! Some official ballots have preshaded circles already!!! WTF! #halalan2010"

4:50 pm - Vote buying by men in gov’t vehicles reported in Angeles City (via inquirerdotnet)

4:20pm PASIG: Election officers describe this as 'peaceful and orderly' voting at the University of Asia and the Pacific in San Antonio Village, where presidential candidate Nicanor Perlas cast his vote earlier today. (Mark Merueñas via GMANews.TV Facebook)

For a livestream of Election 2010 you can watch via GMA's Livestream at

4:00pm - Siliman: The mayor will give me 3K just for a voter to give up his Perlas vote for Gibo. (via Nick Perlas FB Page)

In LapuLapu – pollsters caused confusion between standing and waiting in line and numbers handed out. Radazza supporters given lower numbers (can go in early) while others given high numbers. On top of this, one person kept going in and out of room bringing others without numbers and not standing in line in. When voter... waiting got to front of the line, he was told he needed to go to a seminar on how to vote properly first before he could be let in to vote. (This, after voter had been waiting in line for over 3 hours.) (via Nick Perlas FB Page)

VIDEO: Failure of elections in four towns in Lanao del Sur (via GMANews.TV Facebook)

VIDEO: Batangas voter shot for refusing attempt to buy his vote (via GMANews.TV Facebook)

3:45pm - ELEKSYON2010 UPDATE: Comelec asked to extend voting hours to 11 p.m. - #eleksyon2010

3:30pm - At the voting precinct of Basak Elementary School in Cebu City, this video shows voter masterlists torn up from having no watcher and system for finding one's precinct.

PICC: PPCRV chair Henrietta de Villa and Comelec officials led by Chairman Jose Melo (rightmost) start the drawing of precincts to undergo a Random Manual Audit. (Nikka Corsino via GMANEws.TV)

3:00pm - ELEKSYON2010 UPDATE: Mayoral bet's supporter shot dead in Palawan - #eleksyon2010

ELEKSYON2010 UPDATE: 4 nabbed in Bulacan for vote-buying - #eleksyon2010

1:30pm - The voting period was extended to 7pm (via GMANews.TV Facebook)

12:20pm - Comelec website shuts down. Overwhelmed by voters looking for their precincts; Only 15% of PCOS machines ready several hours after elections opened this morning according to; No compact flash cards in some precincts. Four die of election related violence in Cotobato and Sibugay. (via Nick Perlas FB Page)

10:00am - There are also reported incidence of vote buying. We had received via twitter from oysterhalfshell this message, "Just heard from my maid in Payao, Binalbagan, Negros Occidental, they are being paid P400 to vote Nonoy-Mar."

UPDATE from Bel-Air Makati: 2 hours to queue, I started at 7 and voted at 9. There was no UV lamp to verify my ballot's authenticity. It was easy to go to the PCOS machine, security was lax. Queues were long but manageable, people were following rules.

9:30am - In Baliwag, Bulacan 2 PCOS machines failed and needs replacement. In another town in Bulacan, Bocaue, voting stopped temporarily because the PCOS unit shut down. Replacement unit is on its way.

In another area, Ramon Magsaysay High School supporters of candidates are violating election law by distributing voting paraphernalia within the 100 meters limit.

In Pasay, precinct in Rivera Elem School proceeds to manual voting because PCOS units are not working. This is the same case with a precinct in Benquet which were authorized to proceed to manual voting because the machines are also not working.

Voting in other areas are proceeding well and smoothly.

Everyone is hoping that despite the many instances like the ones above the voting will be generally peaceful and proceed accordingly.

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