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COVID19 Wuhan Corona Virus was Predicted by a Book in 1981

There was a passage being shared on social media claiming that a book entitled, "The Eyes of Darkness," by author Dean Koontz predicted the Wuhan Corona Virus.  The book was released in 1981 and tells the story about a biological weapon seemingly similar to COVID 19.

It was one of my friends, AJ Villacorte which informed me about this claim circulating in Facebook.  Let us see if the prediction of the Novel Corona Virus in 1981 was true.

Did Deen Koontz Predict the Future?

Did the author actually predict the Wuhan Corona Virus?  Was he clairvoyant?

Let us examine what we found about this claim.

  1. The original name was changed.  The original name for the virus in the book was not "Wuhan-400" but instead was "Gorki-400." This is in reference to Russia which at the time was in a cold war with the United States,  It is the fact that there was also a fear of chemical and nuclear warfare at the time.
  2. Gorki-400 has 100% fatality.  In contrast to COVID19, the Gorki-400 kills all of its infected people and that is far from the more than 3% fatality rate of the current virus.
  3. Unverified book shot.  There was another shot which says, "In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments..."  This seems to be NOT PART OF THE BOOK.


Our Conclusion

So did Deen Koontz predicted the Novel Corona Virus?  The answer is NO HE DID NOT.  It was again part of the creative mind of people trying to cook another conspiracy theory.

I will not be surprised is someone would claim that The Simpsons did predicted the Novel Corona Virus.

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