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Joaquin Montes is Not a Bully but a Victim

"Joaquin Montes is only a victim and not a bully."  This was the latest news being circulated across news media and perhaps across social media.  A so-called witness suddenly surfaced and claims that Montes was, in fact, the victim and he just got fed up and eventually fought back.  Really?

Joaquin Montes was Provoked

We had featured in this blog before how Joaquin Montes bullied a fellow Atenean.  That video became viral which prompted Ateneo to expel him from the school.  However, Montes claims that it was a one-sided video.

According to an exclusive interview and video aired over  GMA News' Arnold Clavio “24 Oras”, a witness claimed that Joaquin Montes was provoked.  He just retaliated and grew weary of how he was being treated.

“I was there and I saw it with my own eyes, he randomly bumped into him, asked 'What's your problem? As a result, he was pushed with quite consideratble force. He said, gusto mo ba ng sapakan? He was really provoked,” 

Watch the full video below.

Joaquin Montes and Mom Apologizes

In another GMA News coverage, Joaquin Montes and his mom seem to apologize for what had happened in Ateneo.  However, many doubts the sincerity of this apology due to the tune of how they said it.  In fact, it seems more like an explanation of what had happened.

See Joaquin Montes video below.

What is the True Story about Joaquin Montes?

Is Joaquin Montes really the victim here or are they just using their money to clear their name?  Seems like some celebrities are also not buying the apology of the Montes mother and son team. What do you think?

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