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Joaquin Montes True Story and Bullying

A viral video of a certain kid, Joaquin Montes Jr. had been making the rounds.  I noticed it on my Facebook news feed and became curious.  Who is Joaquin Montes and why are people mad about him? It turns out that he is a student from Ateneo, who knows Taekwondo and a viral video of him bullying a student was seen by many.  As a result, people hate him and he receives bullying in return.

Personal Diagnosis on Joaquin Montes

I am not a professional psychiatrist or psychologist but based on what I see on the videos, I am thinking that:
  • Joaquin Montes might have an inferiority complex.  He dislikes something about himself and he channels this through bullying.
  • He might have been bullied in the past and learning Taekwondo is a way to get revenge from them.
This observation is based on the fact that he obviously targets bigger and taller individuals.  Perhaps in the past, he is being called, "bansot" or "pandak."  It might also be that he has lower performance in school and others bully him for that.

For every problem, there is a root cause.  It is always better to cure and heal the root cause and not just what we see from the outside. (View Joaquin Montes Secret Video)

The Bullying by Joaquin Montes

Please do not watch the video below if you are not prepared for it because there are some graphic scenes of violence.

As you can see in the video this guy is a bully and uses force to show what he means.  You will certainly be mad while watching it and want to do the same to him.  Do the school know about this?  Did they do anything? Personally, I do not know.

What is Bullying and How do We Take a Stand and Action?

Bullying is when you insult, assault or do something to another person either physically, emotionally or psychologically.  What Joaquin Montes did is bullying and it is indeed a grave form.  The school should take an action on this and do preventive measures as well as rehabilitative measures for both the victim and the bully.

I notice that netizens are taking a stand by saying that this is wrong and appropriate action should be taken - that is correct. Most however are resulting to insult, threats and other forms of cyberbullying against Joaquin Montes. Personally, this is not the right way to stand up against bullying because you are just becoming a bully yourself.

What should be done is for corrective action to be taken so that this kid will know about his mistake and hopefully change and become better. He is just a kid and still deserves care and I believe he can change and he will change.

The Philippine Taekwando Association (PTA) already issued a statement and hopefully, they will strip this kid of his belt, as a lesson.

Do you think cyberbullying Joaquin Montes is appropriate?  What should we do?  What can you do to stop this kind of acts?  Share us your views.

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