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Karina Bautista and PBB Otso

Karina Bautista, one of the housemates of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso is very popular now.  This is after she admitted that he likes a fellow housemate despite having a boyfriend.  There were those that support her and there were those that called her "malandi," or whore.

  • PBB should not have minors in a show which puts them in the middle of controversy and puts themselves at risk from things like bullying and emotional trauma.
  • Karina is entitled to her own actions, however she should know that there are consequences to it.
  • Other people are also entitled to their own opinion and free speech but they should be responsible enough as well and think of the well being of everyone.
  • If I will have an option, I most likely would prefer PBB out of television.

Karina's Actions on PBB Otso

I am not a fan of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB).  For me, this show has turned from an average good show to an absolute attention mongering show.  PBB is a reality show and it needs viewers, to do that they must create scenes that resonate to the viewers.

When the talk about Karina's admission of liking for a fellow housemate, Aljon Mendoza came out, it was something to be talked about since she has a boyfriend. Was it right to judge her?

The show tris to portray the real-life circumstances of people in the PBB House.  It aims to expose them to who they really are.  On the saddest note, these housemates are in fact minors, which in my own opinion should not even be in a reality show with this theme.

PBB as a Reality Show

PBB can tell everyone that their show is not scripted but come on would you believe that?  Every show has a script and there is production staff which swings the show into something which can drive viewership.  Issues and controversies are the most efficient viewership bait of all.

For sure, Karina and her boyfriend discussed about this before she even accepted being a housemate.  He knows the consequences and he trusted her.  Karina can be a loyal girlfriend who is just trying to do her best to be the Ultimate PBB winner or not.

We must not believe everything that happens in PBB as authentic and a "reality."  This show strived to get our attention and to make use of the stories of the housemates including their sadness and frustration to get viewers and earn money.

Is Karina Mature or Malandi?

For me, Karina is just being honest with how she feels and she is a star on the show.  We cannot blame her because she has a goal and that is to win PBB.  If her story about her family is true then the more that we should be proud and support her because it is not easy not to be with your parents.

The problem here is actually not Karina but her fans and the bashers.  Whenever there was an issue at hand we fail to recognize that we can talk about such a controversy in a constructive way.  It destroys my heart to read comments that attack those with a different view.  The P.I. word is very prevalent and I can safely say that if Karina's fans believe what she did was not wrong then they should stick to that and avoid bashing those who belie

Here is the post of the boyfriend of Karina on Facebook.

Guys! A lot of judgements and speculations are spreading throughout the internet. It really hurts to see your love being judged by people who doesn't know her real story. Naaawa lang ako sa kanya kasi di niya deserved lahat ng to. I'm sorry guys if I had to take down my official account kasi as much as possible, I don't wanna be involved here.   
Yes I'm Karina's boyfriend but I don't wanna be the reason kung bakit kagagalitan niyo siya. Please po. Stop bashing her. Another thing is the POSER ACCOUNTS. One of the reasons why i deactivated my account is because of privacy matter. I'm using that account to my private life. Ayoko po ng gulo. So stop making fake accounts na ginagamit niyo pa pangalan ko. 
Pakiusap lang po. I want a private life. And about Karina,   I am so grateful watching her na she considered me in confessing her feelings. I felt so loved kasi kahit ganun nangyari, she acknowledged me as her boyfriend. I have a great respect to Aljon po. Kahit di kami magkakilala personally, I really respect him for how he respect Karina and I. Actually Im a fan of #KarJon. 
NPlease stop this issue. Andaming naaapektuhan. Please. Maawa na kayo.Salamat po. And to all of the supporters of Karina, Salamat po.. 

If we do not agree with Karin's actions that is great but saying words like "malandi" or whore seems to be beside the point.  She has a boyfriend but she is not married.  Even married couples at times separate and find a new one.  If they really love one another then, whatever happens, Karina and her boyfriend will be stronger than ever.

What do you think dear readers of Karina and PBB?

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