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Avengers End Game Theories and Trailer

The newest Avengers End Game Trailer was just released and we are all thinking of how our heroes will win the battle against Thanos.  With more than half of the Avengers wiped out, it seems to be really impossible but how?

Avengers End Game Trailer

Let us watch the latest Avengers End Game Trailer and be surprised.

So what do you see?  What do you think?

Avengers End Game Theories

This is one of the most exciting Avengers and Marvel movie so far and it should be.  All of the movies build up to this.  So here are some theories and questions which I am open for discussion and of course your comments and additions.

  • How will Captain Marvel play in Avengers End Game?  Will she even be in the movie?
  • What is the role of Ant-Man (Scott Lang)? How did he survive?
  • What is the plan Captain America is talking about with Black Widow?
  • Will Tony Starks survive?

There are rumors that Ant-Man traveled in time and that will be the main key to defeating Thanos.  As to how, well perhaps you could watch "Antman and The Wasp" movie until the very end and you can hear something about a "time vortex."

Rumors have it too that Marvel shoot a scene during the Battle of New York.  This battle is part of the Avengers movie in 2012.  Why?  What role does it play?  Well, again this might be time travel.

If we would recall Dr. Strange did see 14 million scenarios in the battle against Thanos and there is only one way to win - giving the Time Stone.  How would that help?

Seeing all of the three things above, there is only one single correlation to all of it which we see as the key to defeat Thanos - Time Travel.  Perhaps our superheroes will visit past battles and try to fix things so that things will be different.

Do you agree or do you have a better theory?  Share it with us.

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