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Tagaytay Fun Run for a Cause - Run For Communion

Run For Communion in the Year of the Parish is a fun run for a cause which will be held in Tagaytay City on OCTOBER 15.  We are inviting you to join this fun run because it will not only make you healthy and fit but will also create a boding opportunity for you and your friends and also you can help the charity causes of the parish.  Registration is until September 10 so register now.

Mechanics Run for Communion in The Year of the Parish

Register on or before September 10 on designated area/booth or register online.  The booth is located at Our Lady of Lourdes Promenade and is open Tuesday to Friday (9AM-4PM), Saturday (5PM-7PM), and Sunday 7AM-8:30PM.

This is a group fun run so you need to assemble a minimum of 3 persons up to a maximum of 5.  You should finish together since individual runners will not be times and recognized at the finish line.  No age or gender category to be a group.

Runners will also have to take a groupie on every station situated on identified locations along the run otherwise you will not be eligible for awards.  Coordinate with the station committee to make sure you have done it right.

For more REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS please see the images below.

Fun Run Prizes

Winners will be given cash prizes, trophies and medals as follows:

  • 1st - Php7,000 in cash
  • 2nd - Php5,000 in cash
  • 3rd - Php3,00 in cash
There are also various special awards which will be announced.  All finishers who will finish the run and the tasks will also receive medals.

Event Running Tee that will be used

Contact Information Run for Communion In The Year of the Parish

For more information regarding this worthwhile event please contact any of the following:

  • Monique Burgos - 09778148413
  • Angel Martin - 09497312760/ 09068397023
  • Jhomar Romilla - 09218239639
This event is made possible in cooperation with the Tagaytay Tourism Council, City Government of Tagaytay, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Zuris Digital Printing, Click Master and Casa de Corazon Tagaytay.

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