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Track legend Lydia de Vega is Dead - NOT!

It was surprising to see the news early today that Lydia De Vega, once dubbed as the fastest woman in Asia dies suddenly at age 52.  According to "Houston News", De Vega was rushed to the AFP Medical Center in Quezon City where she died shortly after that.  The website also said that the cause of death is not known since an autopsy is still pending.

Lydia De Vega is Dead: A Hoax

Inquirer, a local news agency in the Philippines immediately tried to reach De Vega and confirm the news.  Later on in a one-on-one conversation the athlete confirmed that it was a hoax.

“I don’t even know why someone would write such thing,” said De Vega in Filipino. “This kind of joke is not funny. I hope this serves as a lesson that he won’t do this kind of thing again.” - Inquirer,net

The article said that Lydia De Vega was residing in Singapore and yet she was rushed to a hospital in the Philippines which is already a great inconsistency..  Houston News article about Lydia De Vega's death seems to be all true due to its good construction but luckily we verified it first.

Where is Lydia De Vega now?

Lydia De Vega now serves as an athletic coach for students in Singapore, an information which the fake news site also said.  She had been staying in Singapore for almost 10 years after she found a greener pasture in the country.

As an athlete, De Vega ruled the 100-meter event in the 1987, 1991 and 1993 SEA games and the 200-meter run in the 9181, 1983 and 1987 games.  She even competed in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and the 1988 Seoul Olympics..

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