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YumYard the newest food and fashion fair at Malolos Bulacan


IT'S NOT A FOOD PARK. It's the first and only weekender food and fashion fair in the city of Malolos. It opens every Friday to Sunday, 4pm to 12 midnight. Last July 14, the operations started for an ALL NEW SEASON 2. For this YUMYARD listened to the needs and wants of its customers from the first season, hence the following transformations.

YUMYARD is trying to control the price range of its food products. This time around, you can get what you want for a very affordable price. Some foods may cost a little more than a hundred, but it's either for sharing, or totally worth it.

75% of YUMYARD's Food merchants are new recruits. To be very specifics, there are 12 NEW FOOD STALLS out of the 17. The stall owners range from existing restaurant expansions, to professional chefs, to home kitchen experts and newbie entrepreneurs.

For this season, YUMYARD also made sure tha there is a wide variety of food products available for the costumers to enjoy. From the simple but flavorful Pinoy street food to the sophisticated flavors from the oversease, YUMYARD has it this time.

And since, YUMYARD IS NOT A FOOD PARK, it's flexible. Customers can expect for something new, WEEK AFTER WEEK!

The stalls are open for change, from constant food developments, to presentation of new products, the food tenants are ready to address customer needs in a snap.

When it comes to the places, there is a major difference from season 1. YUMYARD now has a second floor for additional dinning space. The main dining is roofed so, needless to say, it's weather proof. The number of seats has also been carefully planned so as not to overcrowd.

As for the AL Fresco dining portions, there are enough tents enough to shelter customers from the rains. And hey the walkways are fully-cemented too!

Another major change that YUMYARD has gone through is the placement of "THE BALCONY BAZAAR". It's a fashion collab hub-slash-bazaar, wherein 14 fashion brands from Manila, Bulacan and Pampanga join together for a weekly bazaar shopping experience.

For every drink purchased, YUMYARD goers get a discount coupon from The Balcony Bazaar. This transforms diners to being shoppers too.

Meanwhile, the mini perya is now back, but placed on a more comfortable area. For every 50 pesos worth of item purchased from YUMYARD/ The Balcony Bazaar, customers can get a game stub, that they can use to play for FREE. Exciting prizes ranging from toys to fashion items await the lucky winners.

And of course, before we forget, there's the #YumYardBaes. There are lots of 'artistahin' stall owners at YUMYARD. People have to see it, to believe it.


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