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Mainstream Media vs Bloggers and Why the Fuss?

A video went viral on social media about a mainstream journalist who kept on questioning the inclusion of bloggers to the Malacanang Press Corps.  She cited that bloggers are not good enough to be there because they did not undergo such rigorous training as they do. I have included the video in this article as well as some of my take on this issue.

The Controversial Mainstream Media vs Blogger video

The video speaks for itself actually that even her seatmates cannot see the relevance of what she is actually pointing out.  Do you in the mainstream media agree with what she is saying?

Blog Reach Measurement by Followers

I was really confused with the discussion on measuring blog reach by followers.  I understand that social media influence can be measured by reach but it is not the case in blogging.  You may have a 100,000 followers on your social media accounts but only a thousand might be actually reading the article.

The best way to get the reach of a site is by measuring its visits and page views through tools like the blogger tool or Google Analytics, even Alexa Ranking.  Domain authority and page authority can also be used to measure the strength of the blog.

I certainly believe that number of followers is not the best measure for the reach of a blogger though it helps.

Social Media Practitioner vs Blogger

Another confusing in this discussion is the term "social media practitioner" vs blogger?  The two are not synonymous terms.  A social media influencer may not be a blogger but certainly a blogger should have a social media reach in order to spread his articles.

Malacanang should be very clear of their goal in getting bloggers.  Do they need a "real" blogger or just someone who has a wide reach so that their propaganda can be circulated with people who are more like Mocha Uson?

What is the point of the Mainstream Media hate for Bloggers?

Why does this girl hate bloggers? Why does he think that we have no room in Malacanang?  The reaction is just pure bitterness if I may say.  She cannot accept that people with no degree in journalism or mass communication can now enter and have their video coverage of Malacanang.  She is worried about their credibility and qualification but isn't that the purpose of the accreditation.

I for one will not be seeking any accreditation from Malacanang.  I want to cover the President and ask questions but the problem is once you are accredited it might also create undue pressure in my life

Blogger Quality

Are there really fake bloggers out there?  What I see are bloggers who jumped into the blogging world with the sole purpose of earning or getting something.  I will not be a hypocrite if I do not attend events looking forward to a freebie.  For me things like this served to compensate for your time and effort in providing them an outlet for advertisement.

The number of bloggers have increased exponentially and this would increase even more.  The problem with this is that the quality of content might be suffering due to posts that are sometimes just based on PR.  Other bloggers just attend events for the freebies and no longer write about the event afterwards,.


In concluding this article I believe that bloggers deserve to be in Malacanang regardless of what the mainstream media has to say about them,  It is also necessary that proper accreditation and metric techniques be implemented asap.

How about you?  What do you think of the vjdeo?

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