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Uber and Grab might move out of the Philippines?

The LTFRB had just fined Uber and Grab a whooping 5 Million pesos each for the sole reason of "OPERATING WITHOUT A PERMIT."  Damn, how did that happen and why only now after many many years of operation?  Personally, I do not care if Uber goes out of the Philippines considering their bad management but for GRAB, NO WAY!  There is still a way to stop this and show our voice.

Why are Uber and Grab fined?

We would ask, why are they fined in the first place and is there a merit for this.

“It appears that the TNCs are not without fault for having these TNVS [drivers] operating illegally,” LTFRB chief Martin Delgra said.”We need to be mindful of our responsibilities not only as TNVS [drivers] but also as TNCs.”

We found out that the reason is because both companies Uber and Grab allowed their drivers to operate even when these drivers do not have the necessary permit and licenses.  Why on earth would they even allow that?  Is it not mandatory to get a permit before operating.

Based on the actual decision we can safely say that the FAULT OF THIS IS ON UBER AND GRAB AND NOT ON THE GOVERNMENT. Both companies should be mindful of Philippine Laws and should follow them vigorously and accordingly.

Grab country head Brian Cu, admitted to this fault already thus the blame is really on them.

“Admittedly, we accepted because if we stopped accepting we might as well have closed down the business. New drivers come in and fall out if we do not replace the drivers... we would lose drivers and not be able to serve our [customers],” 

A Poll to show that Grab and Uber is the better option

We stumbled upon a Facebook Poll which would like to ask everyone, "What do you feel is the safer, more convenient option?".  So far the poll unanimously shows that Uber and Grab are the better options with only 0.03% saying that taxis are better.

Why not use taxi?

  • They are arrogant.
  • They always charge extra.
  • They refuse to rise passengers.
  • It is very hard to identify them in case an emergency happens.
If you want to add your vote on the poll just click here.

Uber and Grab should do a better job for the sake of their customers

The government is just doing their job thus both Uber and Grab should also do their job.  See to it that drivers have permits and licenses before accepting them.  If drivers are falling out from your company then ask yourself why are they not contented?  Perhaps you have to improve your service to them as well.

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