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Why Donald Trump won the election? What will happen to the US?

I know you are surprised.  Many of us are surprised too.  In fact, when I wrote my article about Donald Trump winning the election it was something that came out of an overall analysis and feeling. First we said he would win as we saw him on the Republican National Convention and then more than a day before the election we re-intensified that feeling.  But why did Donald Trump win and what will happen to America with him as President?

Are you pre-judging Trump's capacity?

Do you really think Donald Trump will be a bad president?  Was he not a successful businessman?  Well, he has a funny way of saying things and at some point it offends a lot of people.  However, if we look at what he is doing, he might just be a good president.

President Barack Obama did very well.  He is leaving the White House with flying colors but still many are saying that he have not done anything good.  This goes the same for the new President Donald Trump who is just about to be president.  Seems like he is being discriminated early on.

What will happen to the United States during Donald Trump as President?

As we predicted that Trump will win twice in this blog.  Let us, give you somethings that we think will happen during Donald Trump's term as President of the United States.

  • Better Immigration Laws -  There will be better, clearer and a more promising immigration law.  It might be more strict but it will benefit both Americans and new immigrants.  It will not be something that is felt as anti-American.
  • Better International Policy -  Donald Trump will be someone who will listen not only to traditional US allies but also to those who are seen as foes of America.  He will listen to them and give them a hand.  However, he will also be strict to protect the American people and not allow anyone to bully America as well.
  • Safer America - a more strict policy on security.  This might hurt some of our Muslim brothers but I am seeing that in order to terrorism and other things to be checked Trump will see to it that this is in check.
  • Gun Control - I am seeing a stricter regulation on gun control.  This had been one of the problems that resulted in mass shooting incidents in the United States.
  • Better Economy and Better Business - Donald Trump is after all a businessman.  With him running the country I think that the United States will enter a golden era where financial problems will be solved finally.

Why did Donald Trump win?

"We're going to win so big, believe me," says Donald Trump very briefly during the convention.

Do you remember this during the Republican National Convention?  Well, he had proven that and with this it means that when he says something it will be done.  Nothing is impossible for Donald Trump and I think that he will make his legacy as President.  He will make everyone realize that he is not what they think he is.

Donald Trump won because the people want something new.  The independents voted and came out in numbers.  They want to be heard, they had seen something different in him.  People who voted for him wants a government that is more focused on the well being of Americans and not in plotting against foreign government.

Let us ask you two questions:

  • Why do you think Trump won this election?
  • What will happen to the US under him?
Let us know what you think and let us compare notes years from now as things progresses.

Why are we using orange on our headings?  Well... it's a Trump thing!

Thanks for reading and got to play Yugi-Oh! I got lucky today with this new card.

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