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President Duterte vs Obama vs Ban Ki-moon

What's happening to the Philippines and the leadership of this country?  Perhaps that will be the question of people who read that President Barack Obama snubbed President Rodrigo Duterte during the ASEAN Summit in Laos.  Now, let us put it this way if you are Obama and someone told you - "Who are you?" how would you feel?

I think this is the first time that a Filipino leader other than Heneral Antonio Luna perhaps had insulted the President of the United States.  Duterte is bad mouthing not only Obama but also United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon.  He decided not to meet with him saying that he has no time to talk to the U.N. leader.

“Maybe we’ll just have to decide to separate from the United Nations. If you are that disrespectful, son of a whore, then I will just leave you,” 
This is how vulgar the wordings that President Duterte used to refer to the United Nations amidst its concerns about extra judicial killings in the country.

"Wala akong pakialam sa kanya (I don't care about him). Who is he?"

 The above sentence was how Duterte reacted to Obama's issues about human rights.  Again, another bold and vulgar statement.

I am wondering if people are concerned about what's happening to the Philippines.  There are more than 2,000 killed already and almost half of them are done by anonymous killers.  While this is happening the President is bad mouthing respected world leaders like no one ever has.  I think even Putin and China's president despite their angst for the United States did not ever go to such lengths.

"Plenty will be killed until the last pusher is out of this place, until the drug manufacturer is killed...I don't give a shit about anybody observing my behavior," 
Yes, I will not be surprised if the death toll reaches more than 10,000 by the end of 6 months.  We all want a society that is drug free but is this justified by all the killings?  What do you think of these issues?  What are your reactions?  

Thanks for reading and God bless the Philippines.

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