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Should fake news site be banned?

Today, I saw a news about Eric Cray winning the Philippines first gold.  I was so happy and immediately checked it out only to find out that the website is publishing FAKE NEWS.  Sites like these are spawning like mushrooms on the internet.  They lure people into the site because of their interesting headlines and some are sharing it without realizing they were fake.  Should fake news sites be banned?

Fake news site create disinformation in the internet.  People are led to believe that they were true despite the disclaimer on the site.  These sites disclaimer is not an excuse to say that they are practicing online code of ethics.

Why do fake news site exist?

Most fake news site exist because they want to get traffic.  These traffic will then boost their ad revenue.  If you will notice sites like these had some sort of advertisements.  Most of them are not Google Adsense because I think Google prohibits this one.

Interesting topics and interesting headlines are a good bait for people to click.  Once you read the news you might most of the time believe it and then share it.  If you are someone who verifies news then you will later on discover that the news is fake.

Should fake news site be banned?

What do you think?  Should these sites continue to be allowed on the internet or should they be banned?  Personally, I believe they are a menace.  Fake news is not satire news and satire news is not fake news.

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