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Why Filipinos should watch THE GREATEST LOVE on ABS-CBN?

I had never been a fan of ABS-CBN soap operas since I had loved most of the soap operas of the other channel.  This time however, I was greatly touched and excited about their new soap opera "THE GREATEST LOVE" which starts Sylvia Sanchez as the lead star.

Why should Filipinos watch The Greatest Love?

Children commonly neglects their parents.  I know that some would argue about this but as a child myself I commonly regarded my parents as kill joy, well I do not have parents though.  I grew up with my grandmother and we would commonly argue and fight.  At some point I would wish that she would just die.

Everything changes though when I saw her die.  It was like a feeling of grief and regret that I could have done things differently.  The realization of this became more evident when I became a parent myself.  I became a single dad to 3 kids and by this time I felt the joy and at the same time the burden.

In "The Greatest Love" it portrays an extraordinary journey of a mother who for some reason had to raise her children all by herself.  The feelings towards her by the children are different.  Each of them also had their own life and personality both good and bad.

How can a single mother survive and nurture his children?  WHat is her journey and what will happen as soon as she develops Parkinsons Disease (as shown in the trailer)?

Every Filipino particularly parents and children would learn a lot from these new soap opera and would know the value of loving your parents.

An Exciting Soap Opera

Overall, "The Greatest Love" is an exciting soap opera and a breath from the usual love stories that we commonly see.  It is something that gives value and a look at the reality of being a mother and a parent.

Okay, I would admit that I cried when I watch this trailer particularly the last scenes where Sylvia Sanches has a voice over and asks if she can just stop and quit from being a mother.

Share us your experience, thoughts and learning from this soap opera and together let us learn.

We will be watching this.

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