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CHExit reactions and the issue on the West Philippine Sea

What would happen now that the International Abritration had declared in favor of the Philippines on the issue of China's occupation in the West Philippine Sea?  Filipinos are cheering the decision and are niow hoping for a CHExit.  Would China even do that?

China is a big and powerful country.  It is in fact the most populous country in the world and may perhaps have the largest and have one of the most powerful military power.  They have developed the West Philippine Sea islands to protect it and have invested money on it.  Moving away from those islands is the last thing they would do.  It means that they would surrender all developement done in the island.

China personally knows which island they do not own.  How could China claim island which is very far away from their territory?  What is the basis of such a claim?  The tribunal dismiss China's 9-dash line as a basis of claim.  This imaginary territory is something that is based on utter imagination.  Their only luck on why other countries cannot do something is because they are a powerhouse.

The Full Text of the Decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling on Philippines case vs China

Below is the Press Release made regarding the final decision on the South China Sea dispute on the case filed by the Philippines vs China.  The ruling was made by the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Hague.

What should the Philippine government do on CHExit?

The Philippine government should make use of this decision in favor of any negotiation with China.  They should push for our Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and Philippine sovereignty over the islands we own.  This discussion should be done in a bilateral talks so that it can be more personal and less tension between the two countries.

President Duterte should resolve this issue immediately as long as the momentum is with us and international pressure is with China.  The government should also appeal to the Filipino-Chinese residing in the country who now numbers at 3 million.

If we will allow China to just ignore the decision and let them continue the bullying and the building they are doing then we will be more at a disadvantage.  We should not fear them, for we are armed with what is just and right.

What do you think?  What should the government do?  What is your opinion on CHExit?

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