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Cleveland Cavaliers will win the NBA finals

Cleveland Cavaliers will win the NBA finals.  We are predicting an upset for the Golden State Warriors this year in the 2016 NBA finals as Cleveland defeats them 4-3.  You might not agree but here are the reasons why?

We are seeing two teams who are both hungry for a win.  First, Lebron James wants to prove that Cleveland is right for getting him back and thus score a much needed win for his home team.  A lose will definitely give a doubt on the star status of the self proclaimed Michael Jordan protege.

Second, the course of the big challenge by Golden State Warriors to upset Cleveland amew might just wake up the rest of the players of the Cavaliers.  Timofey Mozgov, the first ever Russian to play at the NBA is now used very early in Game 3 and seems to make a huge difference.  Bench players and those who want to prove their worth might just be very useful for the Cavaliers.  They have that spirit to show off their capacity and eventually excel in games where they are needed the most.

Third, Cleveland Cavaliers might just be re-learning to play defense.  Defense is what they lack in the first 2 games and they should show it now.  The Warriors would definitely adjust as well and this would go all the way to a Game 7.

Iman Shumpert, a defensive elite of the NBA could also be a key towards defeating the Warriors.  His game time had greatly been reduced but since defense is necessary for a win, we will just see more of him... perhaps.

What if we are wrong?  Well we might be but seeing Game 3 it seems that the Golden State Warriors are in for an upset.

What do you think NBA fans? Will the Cleveland Cavaliers win or the Golden State Warriors?

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