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X-Men Apocalypse Movie Review Philippines

We are privileged to be one of the first to watch X-Men Apocalypse in the Philippines through a movie premiere sponsored by Pizza Hut Philippines.  It was at the Gateway Dolby Atmos Cinema in Cubao.  This cinema has superb sound which produces a 360 degrees sound output from all directions through I doubt that the movie released there was in Atmos format.  Here is our X-Men Apocalypse Movie Review.

 CHARACTER:  8.  I really like the acting of all the characters in the film they are very authentic to their characters but I seem to feel a bit hanging with some of my personal expectations.  For example, Beast should have been more aggressive when he is on his true form.  Mystique should a little bit be cunning and not too kind, I find the character here way different from how we see Mystique.  I was a bit frustrated with Nightcrawler in this movie, he wears read alright but how come he looks like Michael Jackson?

  • Most awesome costume: Psylocke
  • Coolest character:  Quicksilver
  • Strongest character: Magneto and Jean Grey

COHERENCE:  9.  I like the development of the story.  It started with a background of where the characters are at the moment and slowly progresses into the climax.  Though this one is again a movie of its own in the Marvel cinematic universe, I am applauding the creators for a job well done.  Hmmm... is Havoc older than Cyclops?

DEPTH:  8.  Where did Apocalypse really came from?  In this movie it was not revealed how he came to being what was revealed was he is transferring from one body to another and was buried through time.  Where did he get his powers?  That is yet unknown.  Although this was not revealed I would commend this movie for bringing a more in-depth story than the previous ones.  This is more likable and easier to absorb.

MUSIC: 10.  The music was splendid specially during the scene when Quicksilver was rescuing the people at Xavier's School for the Gifted.  Perhaps this is also the most hilarious scene in the movie.

VISUAL EFFECTS: 10.  This movie is very realistic in its effects specially that of Magnetto.  Wow, he is very powerful in this movie.  I like the fight scenes and the humor than comes with it.  Nightcrawler was also cool and his abilities was well seen and represented in this movie.

Magneto uses his rage to take revenge for his family
Apocalypse feels the presence of mutants and humans

Apocalypse captures Mystique

Jean Greay, Nightcrawler and Cyclops arrives at Cairo to retrieve Professor X

POPULARITY: 10.  I would not question this because I am sure most of you are aiming to watch X-Men Apocalypse.  Just tell me if you like it or not like I do,

RECOMMENDATION:  10.  I highly recommend this movie.  This is way better than the previous X-Men films and perhaps I would say that they are finally delivering some coherence with the one in the comics.  Although, I am also disappointed that they still have the habit of killing characters which are not supposed to die.  Just watch and see what I mean because I think he should never have died right?

Here are some things which I want you to look forward and perhaps comment on:
  • Jean Grey and Phoenix
  • Your take on the after credits
  • How Apocalypse was defeated
  • Magneto's actions
  • Raven and his role in the X-Men
Apocalyspe and his four horsemen
Thanks for reading and that concludes my X-Men Apocalypse movie review for the Philippines.  Please enjoy watching X-Men Apocalypse.

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