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Why critics are wrong about Batman vs Superman?

I had just watched Batman vs Superman and I would say that critics are totally wrong about what they say regarding the movie.  I was warned by friends not to watch it because I would be disappointed but the fact is I am not.  Why critics are wrong about Batman vs Superman review?  Here's my own review.

Movie universe concept

When we watch a movie, read a comic book or watch it on TV we should all realize that each of them are different universes of the story.  You should never ever compare them nor expect that all will be the same.  As someone who loves DC as well as Marvel, you should take each of them separately.

Batman vs Superman is a story of its own in a universe of its own where Doomsday appear before the Justice League and where the son of Lex Luthor menaces both Batman and Superman.  We should all realize that this is another universe, another story and should look at it that way.

Batman and Superman

Many says that the character of Batman in the movie is far from what he is in the comics but the fact is Batman is really originally like this.  He is the "Dark Knight," driven by vigilante justice and by what he had witnessed after his parents dies.  What's wrong with how Batman fights?  It is a dangerous battle and he should do everything that he can.

I see the difference in Superman.  Superman is a warm-hearted superhero.  He would in all his capacity fight his enemy away from the populace in order to save people.  Since Henry Cavill became Superman, Superman became a seeming menace where there are more people dead than saved from the rubble.

The battle between Batman and Superman is as expected.  It was a good fight scene.  Although people would say that the shots were too dark, well I like the way it is.  What is funny though is what saved superman was "Martha" whom I never realized was also the same name as Superman's mother.

Doomsday Battle

It was an epic battle of great proportion.  I like the fight scene and how everything goes.  Although the creation of Doomsday is very different it is still a good story to tell.  Superman ended the same way how he should have in the comics.  Although, I would say more superheroes should have been there to attend his funeral which is literally absent in the movie.

The Justice League

Flash appeared before Batman as he decrypts the file from Luthor.  He was waned of a future where Superman seems to be some sort of evil or "godlike" figure.  I think this same scenario was present in the comics version.  The file also has surveillance videos of other meta-humans like Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman appears in the battle with Doomsday and she is quite strong.  She is also present in the movie where she interacts with Batman and stole the Lex file for a while before returning it to Batman.


This movie for me is actually the planned Superman Returns sequel, Superman: Doomsday but the working title was changed to "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice."  Some of the scenes here seems to be added to the original planned sequel in order to catch up with the DC comics.

I was wondering though why instead of the real Lex Luthor, his son Alexander Jr, appeared on the movie.  Is Lex Luthor alive or is this totally a different story.

DC universe big difference with Marvel is its realism when it comes to its story.  It uses the "real world" situation in its story and it has a more serious story line and I would like to stay it that way.  Why would someone say that it should have been like a Marvel movie when this is DC?

I am looking forward to Justice League and hoping to continue this story line in this universe.

Batman vs Superman Movie Review scores

  • Music: 9
  • Cinematic Quality and Special Effects:  10
  • Character: 9
  • Plot:  8
  • Popularity: 10
  • Recommendation: 10
  • Overall Rating: 93/100
So there you go... reactions to this review are welcome :)

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