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Ariana Grande Premiere ‘Dangerous Woman’ Music Video In Sexy Lingerie

Pink lights + Lingerie + Flipping hair = Visual 1

The Sexy Diva release the music video for the sexy & sultry  new single this Wednesday (March 30,2016), and judging by the "Visual 1" reference in the title, we'd say there's a whole other world to come.  Ariana clarified her thinking behind releasing two music video for the same tune:

“We’re doing something weird, we’re doing two visuals because this song makes me feel two kinds of ways, it makes me feel sexy and glamorous — I wanted to do a simpler more glam-themed video ; and then I wanted to do another video because it makes me feel, also kind like a super version of myself in a way. It makes me feel like inside me is a black latex super-bunny woman. So there’s a simpler approach and there’s a weirder more cinematic conceptual bizarre video."

Also Ariana Grande release a A Cappella version of this single, check the video below: