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Stephen Villena and why people are wrong about him

I watched the video of Mayor Duterte being asked by a certain Stephen Villena about education and budget for the military.  The question is simple, "would the budget for education be affected if you want to modernize the military," something like that.  Duterte answered indirectly without hitting the question.  Stephen asked Duterte to answer it directly in Filipino... and the rest was viral.

Here is why I think most of those who bashed him particularly online are wrong and even shows a very negative character that is in fact destroying our country now.

"Ang tanga mo naman! (You are stupid),"  "Wala kang modo (You have no manners)" are just some of the typical comments made about what he did to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, a very popular presidential candidate.  Before I comment let us watch the video posted by Rappler, who was in fact also being criticizes for misleading people in some of their videos and news articles (Read Rappler continues to mislead readers?)

Go to 21:00 and you will see Stephen Villena asking the question.  You will easily notice that it seems there is a cut at the beginning.

I am a supporter of Mayor Duterte but watching the video will definitely show that Duterte did not answer the question directly and instead talked about bombing incidents in Davao which for me is irrelevant to the question asked. Go to 21:00 and you will see Stephen Villena asking the question.  You will easily notice that it seems there is a cut at the beginning.  Villena only tried to get a direct answer.
However, I am not saying that he did not do anything wrong.  When for the second and third time he insisted it then somehow it constitutes a bit of offense which we might see as a disrespect.  Being in a forum and asking a question however is not easy so we should understand that he might be under pressure and can commit mistakes which he might not really mean.
What Stephen Villena received online specially from fellow Duterte supporters was I think too much.  There was even accusations that he was paid by Mar Roxas after that.  If we want to effect change in this country we should see this wrong attitude of being personal with people and dragging them into the dump with harsh words.  We are burning our fellow Filipino alive just for this.  This wrong fanaticism and harsh criticism is what breaks our country apart.
One of the cyber bullying posts directed at Stephen Villena
I would also like to share with you the OPEN LETTER OF STEPHEN VILLENA:
AN OPEN LETTERMy name is Stephen Villena, a student who took part in a forum held in UP Los Banos last March 11, 2016...
Posted by Stephen Villena on Sunday, March 13, 2016
Let us be constructive always and see the best in each and everyone of our fellow Filipinos, be it those who has a different opinion from us.
What do you think about Stephen Villena and what he did?

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