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Rappler continues to mislead readers? one of the most viewed and active online news website in the Philippines is being accused of misleading its readers specially about the candidates for the Philippine elections.  Does Rappler continue to mislead its readers?

During the 2016 Debate of Presidentiables in Cagayan de Oro aired live via GMA 7, Rappler published an assessment made by their said "experts" giving highest points to Roxas and Poe during the debate.  Meanwhile, readers unanimously agreed that it was Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who won the debate.

Today, as we are scrolling across Facebook, we cam yet across another allegation made by someone named, Ronald Gem Celestial.  He said that on an article and video published by Rappler it made it appear that he is the one that asked question to Mayor Duterte on an event and this caused him to receive death treats and other bad messages.

Is Rappler creating a bias messaging favoring certain candidates and like other major media outfits not covering enough of Rodrigo Duterte?  Are they so afraid of a Duterte presidency?

What do you think?

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