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The Green Inferno Movie Review

We have sent our members to take a look at a controversial film by Eli Roth entitled THE GREEN INFERNO and they have many things to say about it.  It seems that you might really get challenges by just watching the film.  Here is our review for Eli Roth's newest film.

If you have watched the Cannibal Holocaust then you may have an idea what kind of film this is.  Eli Roth had always said that the fil is his favorite movie.  Green Inferno looks like a remake of the fil since it's pretty much paying homage to a film that put him where he is today.

Stephen King, the acclaimed King of Suspense and Horror had even commended Roth for this film so this is definitely a good one.  From the trailer of Green Inferno will already give everyone a taste of what to expect from the film.

Our team had all the praises for the film saying that it surpass the movies of greats like Mel Gibson and even a lot better than Apocalypto.  Though you should be prepared for blood and gore since if there is a superlative for a movie of this kind then you should set this as the highest level.


Green Inferno in fact was being asked to be banned from being shown in the country but why ban it?  It is a pigment of fiction and imagination yet it has a social relevance touching on "Slacktivism" where people use the power of social media to advocate for change but do nothing to act in real life.

The film talks about a group of students who want to make a change by helping save the amazon and then their plane crash landed and left them trapped in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon.  Their intention to help was reciprocated with an overwhelming fear as a primitive tribe tries to eat them alive.

The Green Inferno is more cognizant of cultural imperialism's smugness  than its spiritual predecessor and  the exploitation classic Cannibal Holocaust.  It is a highly recommended film but again you should be prepared and be ready to get challenged and be contented when you survived the film.

CHARACTER: 10.  Though they were not really big artists I would say that the actors did very well in how they act.  Plus the fact that the tribe that was shown was a real primitive tribe makes this film awesome

COHERENCE:  10.  It follows a well written script that puts you in the situation of the activists and drives fear into you.

DEPTH: 10.  It is a film that is figuratively being used to send a message that helping out enact positive change through social media is good but going out to really do it is a challenge that not everyone takes.  This is shown greatly in the film.

MUSIC: 9.  The music is really very enticing and it gives you a feel of the situation.

VISUAL EFFECTS:  8.  It is a film that tends to be as realistic as possible and according to Eli Roth himself the crew and the artists encountered a lot of challenges including being bitten by spiders, harshness of the jungle and more.

POPULARITY:  6.  Like any other film that is not very well known and mainstream this movie is not very popular and as expected it will be met with bashers but who cares, it is a movie with its own followwing.


RECOMMENDATION: 10.  I recommend you to watch it so that you will have a whole new experience in watching a movie that has been a phenomenon way back in the 90s.


Now here's the movie trailer for THE GREEN INFERNON.  Thanks to Jan Christian Cascaro and M.J. Nepacena for sending their feedback about the movie.

Have you watched the movie?  Tell us what you think of THE GREEN INFERNO.

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