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Heroes Reborn Review (A Disgruntled Heroes Fan Outlook)

Heroes Reborn has began airing on Jack TV in the Philippines and since I cannot go to the official advance screening of its pilot episodes "Brave New World," so I have to watch it on cable. Before that I checked put the initial review of the series on IGN and they gave it 6/10 curious to find out if the review is acceptable I decided to compare my views and theirs.

The series started by introducing an event which have resulted in the current scenario in the Heroes universe.  The Odessa Explosion caused the EVOS or Evolved Humans as they are called now to go into hiding and avoid being captured or killed.  No one really knows what happened during June 13th but there seems to be a reason for it and it seems to be the main plot of the series.

As always Tim Kring seems to make it a habit of holding the Heroes fans to the expectation that something super bad and super evil will happen and someone has to save it as in the first series where the tagline, "Save the cheerleader, save the world," became suck a phenomenon.  This time a young kid will be the key towards saving the earth.

So will Heroes Reborn salvaged a new hope towards a great heroes series?

Judging from the pilot episode, I think this one is more exciting and comparable to the first season of Heroes.  There are lots of things going and anticipation level is high.

  • Why is Noah Bennet's memory erased?
  • Why are EVOs being killed?
  • What will be the role of Tommy Clarke?
  • What is Primatech up to?
  • Will Syler return to the series?
  • What will be Hiro and Matt Parkman's role in the series?
  • Where is Mohinder Suresh and what is he up to?
  • Will LUke be a villain or a hero?
Heroes Reborm seems to be initially bring back previous casts like Noah Bennet, Hiro, Matt Parkman, Mohinder Suresh and Molly Walker.  Molly Walker if you will remember has the power to find anyone in the world and she as sought after by Sylar before after he murdered her parents.  Why would Sylar seek her simply because he is like a beacon to find other evos.  This time it seems he is a vital part of the success of whatever The Company is trying to accomplish.

Here is a sneak peak at what might be coming...

We might be seeing more of the previous cast to return and their lives would intertwine with the new ones.  Miko, the incredible Katana girl who is travelling from the real world and a computer game in order to rescue his father is seen to be fighting the Yamagato Industries.  If we go back to the previous Heroes this is the same company where Hiro Nakamura comes from and should have been its CEO.  Would we see an interaction between the two?  I am excited to see that.

Overall I would give Heroes Reborn an initial rating of 9/10.  I really like how it started and how the plot was introduced.  We have the following Heroes Reborn stories to follow:

  • Noah Bennet and his quest to find the truth with an unlikely ally.
  • Tommy;s quest to find who he is and what is his purpose.
  • Mico's quest to save his father.

Miko finds herself inside a computer game
  • The adventures of El Vengador.
Carlos reads about a news on El Vengador
  • Luke and his quest to find and exterminate Evos
Luke and his companion is trapped by Tommy in an unknown area
It seems to be a very exciting and interesting series and I have great hopes for it.  I am excited to see the next episodes and find out what will happen.  Let us all hope that the series gets really well developed and stays high on adrenaline and its rich storyline so that it will indeed be worth spending time to watch.

Congratulations to the pilot episode and looking forward to the next episodes to come.

Catch more of the next episodes of Heroes Reborn on Jack TV at SkyCable (Metro Manila, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna and Bulacan) Channel 51 (Digital), Destiny Cable (Metro Manila) Channel 30 (Analog)/Channel 51 (Digital), and Cablelink Channel 36.

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