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What happened to Jiro Manio of Magnifico?

Philippine entertainment was once again surprised as well as fans when they heard about the news regarding former child actor Jiro Manio.  In this blog article we provide you with some insights as well as videos on what happened to Jiro Manio and hopefully he can bounce back for good.

Multi-awarded child actor Jiro Manio was recently seen roaming around at NAIA in dirty clothes and trying to pass the day scrapping for food.  The child actor whose real name is Jiro Katakura, now 23 years old had been one of the youngest awarded child actors due to his outstanding performance in the movie Magnifico.  He won Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) Award for best child actor in 2004 for his role in the movie Magnifico and won the Gawad Urian and Luna or Film Academy of the Philippines best actor awards as well on the same year.

According to Macy Santos, Manio's neighbor, the former child actor started to resort into drugs and his life turns a twist when his mother died.  Perhaps Jiro was totally devastated with what happened and since he was still young he needed someone to turn to so at a very young age of 15, he became a father already.  At present he has two daughters already, Sisha Calliope and Mishka Caxiopeia.

Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho Features Jiro Manio - March 24, 2014

We might have asked if Jiro Manio was given a second chance to bounce back from his career and in fact he was given a chance.  After being evicted out of the list of Star Magic talents of ABS-CBN due to “unprofessional and irresponsible behavior,” he was included in the second season of “I Dare You.”

The 2013 reality show featured Jiro Manio as he tried to learn mixed martial arts.  His challenge in the show is to train for 23 days and win an amateur fights.  The prize of that was scholarships for his two children.

[ANC Mornings] Jiro Manio hopes for a second chance in showbiz
April 2, 2012

After that it seems that things had gone for the worst for Jiro Mania and here he is again eventually not knowing who he is.  He might have entered into drug addiction again and might be needing help once more.

I wonder where his wife and children or his friends in showbizness are.  Jiro will be needing help at this time the most.  We hope that things would be better for the former child actor specially now that he is a father and his family needs him.

What can you say about what happened to Jiro Manio?  Do you think he still has hope and deserves another chance?

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