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Haley Joel Osment is now teaching Sex Education

Haley Joel Osment is now a teacher teaching sex education in 'Sex Ed.'  In “Sex Ed”, the 27-year-old plays a guy named Eddie who lands his first teaching gig at an inner-city middle school. He soon finds that his highly pubescent pupils are receiving no form of sexual education.

So what's so exciting about this movie, well first and foremost this would be one of the first appearance of Haley Joel Osment in a major comedy film after his epic roles in movies such as Forest Gump, The Sixth Sense and Pay It Forward.

Do you remember the son of Forest Gump Forest Jr?  Well that is him and of course his famous line in The Sixth Sense, "I see dead people," was forever immortalized.  Among Haley Joel Osment's films however, what I like the most is his role in Pay It Forward.  It is perhaps the film that really left an impact on how I view life today.

Anyway, back to his role in "Sex Ed,"  Osment as Eddie will soon meet challenges along the way as he  isn't really equipped to teach them, he's takes on the challenge of explaining “the birds and the bees”, much to the chagrin of their parents. Also a problem: The teach just happens to be a virgin.

Osment isn't the only familiar face you'll spot in this indie comedy. There’s Lorenza Izzo (The Green Inferno, Hemlock Grove), Glen Powell (Expendables 3, The Dark Knight Rises), Laura Harring (Gossip Girl), Abby Elliott (Saturday Night Live), Retta (Parks and Recreation), George Eads (CSI), Matt Walsh (Veep), and Lamorne Morris (The New Girl).

“Sex Ed”, uncut and in all its glory, will be hitting theaters on July 22, 2015, released through Solar Pictures.

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