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Northern Lights Music Festival one of the biggest concert and party in Northern Luzon

SM City Baliwag's Northern Lights Music Festival successfully gathers artists and fans for the biggest and most afforable concert party in Northern Luzon, May 30.  For just an entrance fee of P100 you will get to see tons of artists perform on one stage, one venue in one straight night of full party.  What more can you ask more.

It was an all night Pinoy rock and party at SM City Baliwag as more than a thousand fans gather to join the first ever music festival in Bulacan and perhaps in Northern Luzon.  Red Cloud Interactive media team was there to cover the whole event.

Northern Lights Music Festival showcased the performance of independent rising artists: Blind Stereo Moon, The Few, Another Jackass Project, Stoplight Go, and Lunar Lights.

Blind Stereo Moon
The Few
Another Jackass Project
Stoplight Go
Lunar Lights
Join the Club
DJ Ashley Rivera
DJ Callum David
Performances from big names in the band scene also perform an outstanding, audience participitative performance.  Kenyo starts the crowd hyper as they involve the crowd in the rendition of their new single.  Who would forget Kenyo (formerly named Orange and Lemon) for their number one hit song, Pinoy Ako which became the theme song of Pinoy Big Brother.

DJ Ashley Rivera meanwhile entertains the crowd with her personalized Electronic Dance Music (EDM).  The DJ mix party lasted for about 45 minutes and by the middle of the performance everyone including mall staff were partying.  Later on that evening DJ Callum David presented his own rendition of party fitting EDMs as well.

Karylle who was with husband Yael Yuzon, vocalist of Spongecola gets up and close with the crowd as she sings with them and even teaches a new dance move.  Despite extreme heat and very humid surroundings, she was not even affected and was energetic on stage.

Join The Club, Kamikazee and Spongecola capped the festival as they deliver their high level and very popular songs.  Northern Lights Music Festival becamse a 10-hour concern and ended almost 2am the next day.

Who would ever forget the moment when Jay Contreras of Kamikazee spoofs Michael Jackson's moves.  Here is the video courtesy of Benjie Casi.

Did you attend the Northern Lights Music Festival at SM City Baliwag?  If you do share us your experience.  Meanwhile, if you have not attended what can you say about it and should there be another one next year?

For those who have not attended here is a brief rundown of what you missed.

Rock and roll!  See you again soon...

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