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Mariah Carey releases new Infinity music video and debuts profile on Match

Mariah Carey releases her newest music video Infinity and chronicles her ordeal searching for the ideal man using online dating app, Match.  It is a music video which relates to new age men and women searching their ideal relationship online and this time Mariah Carey joins in.

The new Infinity music video features Maria Carey as Mimi in Las Vegas browsing the app Match.  Among her suitors featured in the video are shirtless Tyson Beckford, , Jeff Beacher of Beacher's Madhouse trying showing up at Carey's door with a bottle of champagne, and a man in glasses with a puppy.

I am not clear if Mariah’s account is just made for the video or she is really eager to find her actual ideal man.  "MC1toInfinity" is Carey’s Match username and lists her as a 45-year-old woman who lives in Manhattan, NY, USA.. Going back to the 3 gentlemen, who do you think Mariah Carey will choose?  Find out in the video below.

Mariah Carey’s Infinity music video is just released June 2 and is already being praised by many, well I would say that the music video is really good.  I might as well check out Mariah on Match.

Tell us what you think of the Infinity Music video.  If you were Mariah which among them will you choose?

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