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SM, Bulacan malls intensifies support for Earth Hour

Seeking to spread the message of taking action against the increasingly pressing problem on climate change, SM City Marilao and SM City Baliwag joined the country and rest of the world in observing Earth Hour as part of a global pledge to help mitigate the impact of climate change. 

Participants unite festive performance to brighten the mall grounds at SM City Baliwag.
Now on its seventh year, SM’s Earth Hour involvement is a testament of its commitment to sustain awareness and ensure momentum on fighting against climate change and promoting sustainable future.

Because SM believes that people are stakeholder in the endeavor to combat climate change, celebrations at both malls were highlighted by LED light shows, parades, chants and dances similar to a ‘Mardi Gras’. This hoped to provide an imaginative and inspirational focal point to help mobilize BulakeƱos and other businesses to share responsibility and act at a very practical level to reduce collective impact on the planet.

“Because every action counts; big and small and change takes momentum, SM would like to focus on engaging people for collective effort” said SM City Marilao Mall Manager Bernadette Velasco. “As simple as turning off the lights for an hour, we are making practical contribution in reducing energy consumption and lessening the impact of climate change.” she added.  

In SM City Marilao, over 400 students, parents, teachers and senior citizens demonstrated their concern about global warming and their commitment to tackle it at a personal level by switching off non-essential lighting lights and electrical appliances for an hour while participants dance their way to fight against climate change at the malls’ perimeter. Likewise, the ‘Mardi-Gras’ movement was complimented by the glow in the dark Enlighten Black theater group. Performers reinforced the statement of ‘Use Your Power to Change, Climate Change’ by the precisely timed sequences and carefully coordinated glow in the dark choreography.

BEAUTY IN DARK. Reinforcing the statement ‘Use Your Power to Change, Climate Change’’ are Enlighten Black theater group in SM City Marilao, who have shown the beauty of nature and the importance of sustainability  with their carefully coordinated glow in the dark choreography.

Meanwhile, in SM City Baliwag, LED-powered indigenous- made giant Ferris wheel and the symbolic 60+ walk of fame adorned the 50-meter stretch of the mall. With 2012 Binibining Pilipinas Eco Tourism Winner Bernadette Aguirre, environmentalists and local government officials led the lighting ceremony of the symbolic 60+ while guests were entertained by human statue stage play.  Participants also used colorful glowsticks in a united festive performance to brighten the mall grounds.

THE POWER OF A UNITED COMMUNITY. 2012 Binibining Pilipinas Eco Tourism Winner Bernadette Aguirre,SM City Baliwag Mall Manager, Arch. Andrew Cristobal and Mayor Carol Dellosa led the ceremonial lighting of the symbolic 60+ ground display during the Earth Hour 2015 celebration. With this year’s theme dubbed, “Use Your Power to Change, Climate Change,” a collective action to conserve energy was highlighted through a simultaneous switching off of lights in the establishment and in the neighborhood.

“Our collective effort is precisely the purpose and life blood of Earth Hour. While we are celebrating it, we are also creating an interconnected global community in building momentum and action for a sustainable future” said SM City Baliwag Mall Manager Architect Andrew Cristobal. 

At exactly 8:30, both malls simultaneously switched off 100% of all of the mall’s building lighted logos while 50% of mall interior lights and perimeter lights were remained open for the mall patrons. Compounded by the network of malls and tenants, SM hopes to significantly contribute to the total reduction in consumable energy while creating impact to the overall goal of the Earth Hour.

Apart from supporting Earth Hour, SM Supermalls has long focused on energy efficiency and instituting sustainable practices focusing on efficient business and environmental stewardship through water conservation, solid waste management and air quality projects including SM Cares environmental programs through education, awareness and advocacy.

It can be recalled that SM has built a 1.1-megawatt rooftop solar power project in its Xiamen mall last 2013. This sustainable and renewable energy initiative was followed by the largest solar power rooftop installation at SM North Edsa last year. Initiatives will continue as SM builds sustainable malls for the future community, marking its commitment to ensure the momentum that ‘change climate change’ continues well beyond the hour.

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