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The truth about Bench The Naked Truth

Sen. Pia Cayetano and other feminists were furious over what happened during the Bench Naked Truth show at SM Mall of Asia Arena,  They did not expect that such a big brand like Bench would stage something as absurd as that. Bench then apologized and then there was a call for boycott and in an instant they are the brand topic of the country.

Was Bench really unaware of everything?  Did they not know the repercussions of what the show would have?

In organizing an event, they go through a planning, pre-event, exxecution and post event stage.  Each of these processes determines the content of the show as well as the media feedback that it will get.  Surely, the people at Bench are not born yesterday and they know what is socially acceptable and not.

When Coco Martin went on stage carrying a woman pet representing BDSM  roles in sexual terms, they know what that will implicate.  It was well executed that their aim is to showcase the "naked truth."  A topic which is taboo in the Filipino Society.

Then there was Jake Cuenca wearing a ridiculously revealing brief and the two girls kissing on stage.  They were all executed in a well orderly fashion as part of Bench The Naked Truth.

So, would you buy an apology from Bench?  Well, they did not say that the elements of the show were unintentional but what they say was...
... all the offensive elements of the show The Naked Truth...

By logical reasons and by analysis this means that they know of the offensive elements and they planned everything to really be part of the show.  It was a marketing strategy executed to bring focus to Bench.  As they say good or bad, publicity is still publicity.

For sometime Bench had not been that much of a topic and its popularity seems to dwindle and thus they came up with something brilliant yet questionable.  A move which they know they can get away with because they have a lot of followers.

What do you think?  Do you agree with what Bench did in the Bench Naked Truth show?  Tell us your opinion on this.

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